Advertise with us is a blooming blog targeting the community with interests in cinema. This includes cinema lovers from different countries all over the world of different ages and work group. We are offering limited advertisement opportunities for individuals and companies that we believe are good for our unique visitors.

As an initial help to build your brands, services, or products, offer a 15 days free advertisement trial (not applicable to sponsored blog post) and then assess the results to enable the advertisers to determine how beneficial for them placing advertisements in is.

Advertisement opportunities

a. Stripe ad

A stripe ad is a one line text appearing at the top of the blog. It is considered non-obtrusive way of advertising as it does not block important contents or links in the website. It is locked hovering at the very top of the blog thus the visitors can see it even when they scroll down. Only one stripe ad 720x 90 in size will be displayed in the page every five minutes. A total of three stripe ads will rotate.  Your stripe ad may contain animations, affiliate links, link to your products, and promotions.  You can create the design; decide on the frequency of the display of your advertisement and the weight of the stripe ad.

b. Banner

You can place your advertisement in by buying a 300×250 banner. One banner will be displayed in every page and will rotate with a maximum of 9 other banners every 5 minutes. It also may contain animations, affiliate link, link to your products, and promotions.
You may opt to make your banner show up more often or own the entire ad spot. Contact us for this option.

c. 125×125 Buttons

The buttons will appear on the bottom of every page. Only 8 spots for buttons are available. These buttons will be displayed all the time and may be randomized periodically to grant the advertisers equal exposure. Your buttons may contain animations, affiliate link, link to your products, and promotions.

d. Blog post

This is our best option for advertisers. We in will release a blog post featuring your products or services and endorse it to the site’s visitors.

You can be confident that the promotion will be of high quality. We are committed in making the content engaging, upfront, honest and helpful to you and to our audience. We can add videos and/or pictures to further make the advertisement grabbing or reliable.

Since we value the integrity of, we might give your product or service a positive or negative review as an act of upholding our transparency to our visitors. No need to worry much as we will let you know in advance how we find your services and products.

How Your Advertisement Requests are Processed

Should you have decided or simply need help about which of our advertisement offers you will take, you could communicate with us by sending us an e-mail. We will respond to you immediately and discuss to you your options and the rates for our advertisement service.

If you choose to place your advertisement in by means of stripe ad, banners and buttons, you can send us your design. We will manually review your design and notify you when the advertisement is approved and ready to be posted in the site. We will take this measure to ensure the integrity of the site and to ensure your advertisements match the interests of the audience in

Shall you choose to advertise your service or products by a sponsored blog post, contact us to discuss the case you want us to look upon, review, and promote. We can discuss about the duration of the completion of the blog, the content, and the rate for this service. Please note that the price may vary depending upon the length and content of the blog post.

As already mentioned, we will let you know our honest and quality review of your products or services before posting it.

Payment Process

Apart from sponsored blog post, advertisements placed in after free trial period are paid on a monthly basis using PayPal subscription service. This means that your advertisement after the free trial will renew every month unless you terminate your subscription.

Contact Us

Let us know if you are interested to advertise with us or if there is anything you need to clarify. Reach us through our contact information provided in ”contact us” page. Shall you avail advertisement service, expect that we will give you the value of what you paid for.

We are looking forward to partnering with you soon!