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Cart Accessories a Golfer Should Have

Golfers use carts every now and then. Carts are used to carry golf equipments such as golf bags, clubs, balls and other materials including water bottles, umbrellas, extra pair of shoes and tees.
Aside from proper maintenance and care for the golf cart, there are some Taylormade golf accessories that every golfer should have in their cart. These cart accessories are intended to make the cart more functional and improve its quality.

Here’s a list of important cart accessories.

Golf EquipmentsOne of the most important Taylormade golf cart accessories is the windshield or dash cover. This protects the cart and the golfer from strong winds and rain. Some windshields and dash cover are portable and removable while others are fixed to the cart. It can also add style to your cart. Aside from that, some are even fixed with extra accessories such as cup holders and glove compartments. Make sure that the windshield and dash cover will fit your cart. Get the measurement of the cart or ask for assistance when buying the windshield or dash cover.

Fans and heaters are functional cart accessories –

Golf can be played in any weather, be it sunny or rainy. That’s why it’s important that your cart can offer you comfort in any type of weather. A fan is very useful during the summer or hot season.

A heater is great for the cold and rainy season. Cart fans and heaters are portable and removable. The two can be interchanged depending on what the golfer needs to use. Golf cart enclosures are also essential in protecting you from the heat and the rain. Enclosures are made from different materials. One of the most popular one is synthetic enclosures.

Seat covers and golf blankets are also great cart accessories. There are heated seat covers that can be used during the cold season. Golf blankets are also great for protection against the cold and rain. Seat covers can be made out of leather or synthetic material and can be personalized depending on your style and preference. There are also cart mats or carpets available in the market. It can be used to protect the cart from dirt such as grass, sand and mud.

Horn, mirrors and signals lights are excellent cart accessories. It’s very practical and functional. Horns and lights can be used to signal other people when riding the cart at night. Mirrors can help the drivers see other carts and golfers behind them. These accessories are removable and can be mounted only when needed. For example, the signal lights can be attached at dusk and removed during the day.
Cart bags and other storage accessories are also great for your cart. Cart bags can be used to hold golf clubs, balls and other equipment. Removable storage boxes can be used to store water bottles, extra pairs of shoes and shirts. It’s very useful during long games and matches.

Another important cart accessory is the club and ball cleaner –

It can be very inconvenient for golfers to use muddy and dirty clubs and balls. That’s why it’s essential to have a club and ball cleaner installed in the cart. This way, golfers can easily and efficiently clean the club and balls when needed.


These accessories are intended to improve the functionality of the cart. These accessories can help golfers efficiently carry their equipment, clean their things or protect them from harm. It’s also important to do some research when purchasing these accessories to make sure that it is compatible with the cart. When buying Taylormade golf accessories, try looking at different stores and compare the price and quality.


TaylorMade golf equipment has been changing the way golfers play the game since 1979, when they introduced the first driver made out of metal. Over the next thirty years, Taylormade golf has continued to focus on innovation, raising expectations and stretching the limits of what golfers believe possible.

How I am fascinated by movies

Hello everyone, I am a cinephile. I cannot get any more direct than stating that I am fascinated by movies. I made this blog to get my thoughts out into the internet, hoping to attract people who share the same passion.


As a kid, you may consider it as our family’s tradition to go to the movies once in awhile. It was always something worth getting giddy about; the deep and dark hall with the only light coming from the silver screen shining on the wall opposite from where I am. Every single time, I was captivated by the stories that unfurled right in front of me, thanks to the this very immersive form medium for entertainment. Thinking in hindsight, what also added to the experience was the very rare occasion that I can watch on a screen so big with sounds so loud after the fact that I am normally told to stay a certain distance from the television, with volume put on ‘low’.


homeI remember watching my first favourite movie as a kid: “The Jurassic Park” (Steven Spielberg – 1993). I was told I was screaming during that scene when the T-rex was trying to flip over the car. How savagely hungry can you get? I was also told by my parents that I was hiding behind my shirt during the raptors in the kitchen scene. I never believed them, really, until I got my hands on a copy of the movie a few years ago. From then on, I believed them; though I never screamed nor hid, I can imagine why I would have been so terrified and excited about these scenes. I can never help but smile and feel nostalgic whenever this memory is evoked. Through this reminiscent moments I have come to fully realize that good movies stick with you for the entirety of your life.


From then on, the fascination never ceased. To this day, I have never felt that going to the movies was an obligation nor was it an action merely out of habit; it was always something I have looked forward to and I believe it will be so for the decades ahead of my life.


As I grew older, I have developed a greater appreciation for movies. From someone being deeply engrossed by the story being projected on the screen, I have developed an interest on how  and why these movies are made. I learned that Jackie Chan’s first ever movie appearance was as an  extra being beat up by Bruce Lee in one of his films! How about “The Expendables” (Sylvester Stallone – 2010)? It was thrilling in that the entire series paid homage to all of the older actors’ iconic roles through the course of their careers. Arguably, the biggest “did you know?” is that Stan Lee, the legendary creator for many superheroes, appear in all movies within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Now that I think about it, I must admit that, for certain films, the stories behind what is shown is far more intriguing and interesting.


I made for many reasons. The biggest, however, is so that I can share my thoughts and insights about the movies I watch with the rest of the world. Through this blog, I have high hopes that more and more people will come to read and stay for the conversations we can have about the very passion that we share. Though this blog will focus mainly on recently released and upcoming movies, I am very keen on learning more about a lot movies regardless of age and origin. A good example as to why such a statement exists is the movie “7 Samurai” (1957 – Akira Kurosawa). This masterpiece is arguably one of the most referred to movies that echoes through generations. Did you know that the recently released “The Hateful Eight” (Quentin Tarantino – 2015) was heavily inspired by this movie? This only proves that movies with the right flavor and feel are timeless.


I can go on and on about all the reasons why movies are an integral part of my life and I intend to do so through subsequent posts. Through this site, I also wish that I learn a lot from the readers, fellow cinephiles, about movies that I may have not known of. Through our interaction, fellow cinephile, we can give justice and give your “one true movie” some praise and a spot under the limelight it really deserves.


In all seriousness, seeing that one movie that resonates deeply with you is only a matter of time; I can argue that I was lucky that I met mine in the form of Jurassic Park at an early age. I hope that, through this blog and its future community, you eventually meet that match you will make with a movie.